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Step 1: You will be assigned a group.


Step 2: Each member of the group should decide which community they are going to research.


Step 3: Print out a copy of the Community Worksheet to help you take notes.


Step 4: Click on the Community Resources link below for a list of resources to help you learn more about your community.



Step 5: Complete the Community Worksheet with the information you have learned.


Step 6: Share your information with your group members.


Step 7: Create a travel brochure with your group.

 Fold a piece of legal size white paper in half. This will create 4 sections (2 on the front and 2 on the back.)


 With the paper folded, your group must design a cover for your brochure. Be sure to include the names of all your group members on the cover.


 Using one section each, draw a picture of your community and write at least 3 complete sentences which describe your community.


Step 8: You will share your brochure with the class.